About The Consilient Consultancy

Consilient was originally established under a professional license in 2016 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates but now operates as a limited company registered in the Republic of Ireland.  As a boutique consultancy firm we specialise in providing consulting services in the insurance sector, primarily health insurance, and in health system financing .  Our clients have included regulators, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and third party claims administrators.

A focus on developing countries

Being originally based in Dubai, our work understandably focused on the Middle East region but increasingly we have been drawn to opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa.  We have a passion for working on projects that increase access to affordable healthcare and which build health system financing models in support of United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 3.8 - the achievement of Universal Health Coverage for all by 2030.  This is one reason why our work focuses on helping the private sector extend its reach in developing countries.

The types of work we undertake

The founder of Consilient and its Head of Practice has a 30 year insurance history which began in the United Kingdom working directly in the insurance business for blue chip international insurers followed by several years providing technical training and business development programs to similar insurers and UK professional bodies as an independent consultant.  Then came three years with Ernst & Young's Middle East & North Africa insurance advisory business before working for the Government of Dubai to develop its health financing system, after which The Consilient Consultancy was born. 

The types of project we undertake include:

  • Health system financing model design and development of regulatory frameworks
  • Implementation of health insurance systems
  • Market entry studies for regional and international insurers looking to extend their geographic footprint
  • Regulatory related work such as licensing requirements and application support
  • Strategic direction and review for insurers and claims administrators
  • Health insurance product design, development and insurance capacity sourcing
  • Business intermediation and introduction consultancy services
  • Expert witness services in health insurance

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