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We occasionally produce papers and articles on various topics, some of which are free to receive and others available for purchase at a nominal cost.  Free items will appear on this page of our website.  You can obtain copies of free articles by simply entering your name and email address on the form below. We will then email you the documents requested. 

The current state of the health insurance market of the United Arab Emirates and recommendations for improvement

January 2023, 4,900 words, 11 pages of content

This paper is a hard-hitting critique of how the private health insurance-based healthcare funding model employed in the two largest emirates of the UAE is undisciplined, under regulated, is largely loss making for insurers, is not improving population health and needs to be improved.

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The case for health insurance premium regulation in the United Arab Emirates

June 2022, 1,700 words, 4 pages of content

This 1,700  word, four page paper provides arguments for and an approach to the regulation of health insurance premiums in the United Arab Emirates.  The arguments also hold well for some other countries which use private health insurance as a primary health care financing tool.

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Reasons why the private health insurance provider network system needs reform

July 2021, 3,300 words, 7 pages

This 3,300  word, seven page paper discusses the reasons why the "price-driven" private health insurance provider network system used in many countries, particularly in the Arabian Gulf and other Middle East countries where private health insurance dominates, serves to reduce accessibility to and quality of care.  It argues for reform, backed by regulators, to negate the widely held "price equals quality" myth and replace it with the principle that "health outcomes equate to quality".

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Reasons why private health insurance is unlike "insurance" and the implications for sustainable health financing systems

November 2021, 10,000 words, 17 pages

The reason for this paper comes from the author’s observations of developments in the role of private health insurance and the increasing use of private health insurance by some governments as a health system financing tool.  Together with changes to underwriting brought about by the increasing collection of behavioural data at the consumer level, competition pressures on insurance companies and the expectations of some governments that health insurance policies should offer preventive benefits, the author argues that health insurance is leaving behind some of the core insurance principles such as covering unexpected risks and risk pooling.

This paper suggests reasons to support the view that the above and other changes are leading to private health insurance creating a disenfranchised population, a three-tier system of financing health care, the marginalisation of some insurers and increasing market control concentrated in fewer market participants.

The paper also challenges existing models of health insurance and proposes alternatives, some of which are counter-intuitive in an economic environment in which some governments are “disengaging” from providing health care and in which policy makers and the private sector push for privatisation of health care financing.

15 essentials for African countries to achieve sustainable healthcare financing systems

August 2020, 3,500 words, 7 pages

This 3,500 word, seven page paper describes elements for successful and sustainable healthcare financing systems ranging from policy making across financing models, benefits package design, costing, delivery mechanisms, population coverage and the key role of technology in delivering a system.  It includes sections on implementation, communication and governance as well as using data analytics as a key management tool to promote efficiency and reduce fraud, waste and abuse in the system.

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