About our holistic workplace wellness scheme design consultancy

A workplace wellness scheme is more than gym discounts, fruit in the office, yoga in the workplace or outdoor team based activities and challenges.  A holistic workplace wellness scheme is a set of interconnected employer led initiatives that has its design rooted in research and data and which is monitored, measured and improved over time.

Consilient is quite possibly the only advisory firm that designs workplace wellness schemes on this basis covering research, design, implementation, monitoring, assessment and realignment.  Without these elements, an employer could fall into the trap of spending money on inappropriate initiatives or being unable to justify program cost or to measure program success.  However, we realise that not all organisations either need or have the resources to finance a complete program.  This is why we offer employers a range of programs starting from the essential.  We will also quote for bespoke programs.

We have a range of tools and calculators to help design and price schemes 

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